Our Studio

N3RDFUSION Studios is a full, turn-key, production studio in Redmond, WA. Unlike most traditional studio spaces, N3RDFUSION Studios has all the crew, equipment, and sound stages under one roof. That means you don’t have to deal with the headaches of organizing production staff, camera rentals, or finding production equipment.

N3RDFUSION Studios makes creating high quality media content simple. Our studio features a state-of-the-art control room and production equipment. We can record in up to 4k 60fps and stream in 1080p 60fps to Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or any other streaming website you can think of. We can even create the infrastructure for you to livestream to your own website.

Physical Stages

We have three broadcast-ready stages with a huge assortment of options. The modular design of our stages allows you to choose a setting that fits your brand. Choose the stage below that fits you best, or contact us here and we’ll help you decide.

Flex Stage

Our flex stage is our largest and most versatile. With the ability to customize the floors, walls, and all furniture/set pieces within, you can let your production’s creativity run wild. The stage is pre-lit for most set conditions but the lighting will be tweaked and customized to your specific designs. We also have set designers on-call if you need us to take over the creative side of designing the look and feel of your production!

Couch Stage

Our couch stage has a pre-designed ‘living room’ feel with seating for up to 4 talent. With a center-placed HDTV to hold any graphics of your choice, this stage has become our most utilized for its ease of set up and proven track record of excellent productions. Feel free to customize and accessorize the pre-made set to make it your own! This stage has been used by Hershey’s, SyFy, Ubisoft, and many others to create highly-engaging broadcasts that return excellent results.

Green Screen Stage

A large 14’x9’ green screen is central to this empty stage. While some clients use this space just for green-screen purposes, many others also use it as an additional stage to compliment one of our other stages. We also shoot many overhead productions here, such as board game broadcasts. With all 4 sides of this set able to be drop-clothed, the possibilities are limitless.


N3RDFUSION Studios has a variety of off-stage amenities for you to take advantage of. There is a Kitchen with a fully stocked coffee/tea bar along with snacks and drinks. Two bathrooms are accessible and for larger productions, we convert much of the N3RDFUSION Studios offices into wardrobe and makeup areas. The studio is completely wired for HD monitoring all across the space including multiple ‘quiet areas’ for clients to work and watch while a production is happening if they don’t want to me in the thick of it. A printer/copier is always available to clients. N3RDFUSION Studios has 24/7 HVAC as well as security.

Our internet capabilities are second to none. With four uptime-guaranteed fiber lines coming into our studio from multiple providers totaling over 2Gb/s of capacity, we can manage any sticky internet situations. We have full WiFi coverage and a fully managed and secure network. In addition, all recordings are quickly backed up to three different places (1 onsite and 2 offsite) to protect against data deletion or corruption.